Zero Waste Obstacles & Successes.

The beginning stages of Zero Waste are hard. I think at this point it is a matter of developing habits and breaking the old habits.

Remembering to bring my bottle for water and coffee every day has been an issue. Again, a habit that needs to be formed.

Not using paper towels has been an adjustment. In my first Zero Waste article, I said I was going to keep a roll for an emergency. Well, I didn’t – and the emergency occurred. My sweet standard poodle, Gunther, puked big time on the floor. I had to wipe it up with a hand towel and shake the puke off of it outside. Kind of disgusting. Then, I had to wash the pukey towel in my washing machine. But you know what, a little bleach and that towel was as good as new.

Junk mail is still arriving – I was implementing certain websites and apps when I discovered that I could get a much easier and quicker response by just calling the company. So far, everyone I have spoken to has been extremely accomodating and polite. My new habit I have formed is to go through each envelope and take the time to call the number. Usually takes no more than two minutes to do this. Hopefully in a couple months, I won’t be receiving junk mail.

Let’s move on to the heavier issues –

Fast food. I try my best to eat healthy but unfortunately, I am on the road a lot and cheap food is my downfall. I know to combat this I should pack my own lunch but I am kind of a lazy person and food preparation is not my favorite past time.

Buying second hand – I have had good success with thrifting, as seen here, but I won’t lie – I succumbed to a couple department store sales this past week.

Refusing plastic bags is easy when I am only purchasing a few items but I frequently forget my reusable bags in the car until it’s too late. I can be much better at this.

Easy stuff:

Composting is easy! Just do not do what I did with fish carcasses. Bury your fish carcass in the garden. If you have a small sized compost like I do, it will stink like nothing else you have ever smelled.

Recycling is easy! Divide your glass, plastic, paper, and metal into bins or bags and you’re all done.

Noteworthy experiences:

Had a house guest who asked, “You don’t have a TV, do you?” Nope, I sure don’t, because televisions are lame.


Thrift Finds! Shopping Second Hand.

(this post is more materialist than it is minimalist)

As you know, I’m an advocate of shopping second hand. Not only are you buying things much cheaper than what you would in retail, your money stays within the community, cuts down on manufacturing demands, and you’re recycling. It’s green. Super green. Also, if you like shopping and hunting, I consider thrift store shopping a good combination. The thrill of the chase. Sometimes you make a killing, sometimes you don’t.

So, I wanted to share with you some recent finds I’m particularly proud of:

Gunther loves the new pouf.

Gunther loves the new pouf.

The pouf. I’ve been debating on buying a couple of these for my yoga studio but they are SO PRICEY. When I found this one for a mere $40, I was thrilled because I had been looking at prices more like this:

Saved at least $50.

Saved at least $50.

Southwestern style blanket.

Southwestern style blanket.

I love throws and especially anything that has a Southwestern feel to it. Most blankets/throws like this cost a minimum of $50. I bought this one for $10. No holes, no stains. For the win.


Two finds here; the mirror and the poncho!

When I picked up this poncho, I thought I was looking at another Southwestern throw. When I unfolded it, I realized it was a poncho. I love ponchos. The poncho has been part of my daily uniform for about a year now. The people selling this had it labeled as a RUG. I stole it for $12. It’s woven, no stains, very durable. Quality poncho right here. Oh, also the mirror was a thrift store find – $19.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more exciting, thriftaholic posts.