Zero Waste Obstacles & Successes.

The beginning stages of Zero Waste are hard. I think at this point it is a matter of developing habits and breaking the old habits.

Remembering to bring my bottle for water and coffee every day has been an issue. Again, a habit that needs to be formed.

Not using paper towels has been an adjustment. In my first Zero Waste article, I said I was going to keep a roll for an emergency. Well, I didn’t – and the emergency occurred. My sweet standard poodle, Gunther, puked big time on the floor. I had to wipe it up with a hand towel and shake the puke off of it outside. Kind of disgusting. Then, I had to wash the pukey towel in my washing machine. But you know what, a little bleach and that towel was as good as new.

Junk mail is still arriving – I was implementing certain websites and apps when I discovered that I could get a much easier and quicker response by just calling the company. So far, everyone I have spoken to has been extremely accomodating and polite. My new habit I have formed is to go through each envelope and take the time to call the number. Usually takes no more than two minutes to do this. Hopefully in a couple months, I won’t be receiving junk mail.

Let’s move on to the heavier issues –

Fast food. I try my best to eat healthy but unfortunately, I am on the road a lot and cheap food is my downfall. I know to combat this I should pack my own lunch but I am kind of a lazy person and food preparation is not my favorite past time.

Buying second hand – I have had good success with thrifting, as seen here, but I won’t lie – I succumbed to a couple department store sales this past week.

Refusing plastic bags is easy when I am only purchasing a few items but I frequently forget my reusable bags in the car until it’s too late. I can be much better at this.

Easy stuff:

Composting is easy! Just do not do what I did with fish carcasses. Bury your fish carcass in the garden. If you have a small sized compost like I do, it will stink like nothing else you have ever smelled.

Recycling is easy! Divide your glass, plastic, paper, and metal into bins or bags and you’re all done.

Noteworthy experiences:

Had a house guest who asked, “You don’t have a TV, do you?” Nope, I sure don’t, because televisions are lame.


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