Do You Bleed? Use A Divacup.


If you bleed every month, once every couple months, or are like me and seem to be bleeding multiple times a month, I tell you that a divacup will change your life.

It changed mine in college when I ran across the radical idea that women no longer need to be shackled by tampons or pads, nor the price of buying them each month and attributing to the world’s waste problem.

A divacup (or moonkeeper, or luna cup, depending on the brand you choose) is a cup made of medical grade silicone you insert like a tampon to catch blood instead of absorb it. You can wear it longer than tampons and pads and it doesn’t smell. You don’t have to worry about bunching, strings, or forgetting to bring enough. You buy it once and can use it up to five years. I’m currently on my second cup in about seven years and that’s only because my dog ate the first one.

Why I think using a Divacup is the superior choice:

  • It’s clean. I’m a big fan of cleanliness. I don’t like dirty tampons and I don’t like dirty pads. I didn’t like worrying about bleeding on my sheets and ruining my panties and pajamas constantly. I empty the Divacup twice a day in the shower, clean it with soap and water, and back in it goes. Easy as pie.
  • It’s healthier. The vagina is self-cleaning. Tampons interfere with that by absorbing too much moisture and creating a breeding ground for bad bacteria. The medical grade silicone of a Divacup doesn’t interfere with the vagina’s self-cleaning system.
  • It’s responsible. Women can use up to 16,000 tampons in her lifetime. That’s a lot of waste in landfills.
  • It saves money (my favorite reason). Divacups cost about $32.00. Average monthly cost of tampons/pads: $10. Money saved a year: $120.

You can buy Divacups at most health food stores and order them online. I’ve always used the Divacup. Here are a few popular brands that are being used:

  • The Keeper the original menstrual cup, made from latex (natural gum rubber).
  • Moon Cups, by the maker of the Keeper, made from medical-grade silicone.
  • Diva Cup made from medical-grade silicone.

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