Ditching Shampoo – A Photo Update.

Yesterday morning I decided it was time to wash my hair with baking soda and vinegar. I had waited three days to wash which is typically normal for me unless my hair is unbearably greasy.

20140223-124212.jpg This is my hair pre-wash. Not bad. Remember, last time I washed I used Dr. Bronner’s castille soap. A little greasy and flaky at the roots.

20140223-124248.jpgA close-up of my greasy, flaky roots. You’re welcome.

When I washed my hair, I put some baking soda in the palm of my hand and made a paste with water then applied to my scalp, twice. I scrubbed, rinsed with water, then watered down some apple cider vinegar in my palm and rubbed that into my scalp. This made my hair feel a little slippery but less coarse. I blow-dried my hair afterwards and this is what I ended up with:

20140223-124331.jpgFrom the front.

20140223-124352.jpgFrom the back. Definitely ended up with some nice, wavy curls.

I was very satisfied with my hair when I was done blow-drying, but later in the day it fell flat and became unpleasantly greasy. This morning I washed with Dr. Bronner’s again and that seemed to cut back on the greasiness. I think once my hair stops going through shampoo/conditioner/chemical withdrawal, I won’t be facing the greasy issue any longer.


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